Professors handing a degree to a student

Higher education access

Increasing access to higher education for the most vulnerable students, including adolescent girls and young women, vulnerable young men and persons with disabilities

To increase awareness and enable successful participation in even the most rural areas, SHEAMA works with the university’s partners to establish support through scholarship. The scholarships focus on Malawi’s most vulnerable student population: adolescent girls and young women, marginalized and vulnerable young men, persons with disabilities, and other marginalized and vulnerable populations. SHEAMA scholarship recipients become mentors in their home communities, guiding secondary school students in how to qualify for, apply to and succeed in higher education courses.
  • Establish short-term, post-secondary courses and training programs
  • Increase awareness and accessibility for AGYW, persons with disabilities and other vulnerable populations;
  • Targeted districts
  • Mentoring
  • Student support and scholarships.

Success story

Anna lost her sight. Then she lost her parents, the only financial support she’d ever known. After earning a degree in early childhood development through SHEAMA’s scholarships, open and distance learning and braille resources, she hopes to open a kindergarten in her community.